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We are fortunate to do R&D on our own projects in various sectors and focus towards Environmental Conservation products and protect it by IPR and make it for commercialisation. We are also interested to take licences for products that are in line to technological solutions in the near future.

In this process, we recently undersigned Licence from Inventor for patented product “Automatic Water Level Control Unit”. by controlling Electric Motor Pump, based on maximum and minimum level of water/liquid tank in Electro-mechanical Process.

Hi all,With wishes from the God and Parents and support from well wishers Iam glad to share that I have Awarded a Title of Inventor "Inv." as like "Dr." by an International organization IFIA. Thanks to IFIA team for recognising my inventions,Now I can be recognised as Inv. B.Pavan Kumar Gupta

Inventor Name : B.Pavan Kumar Gupta

Title of the Product : Automatic Water level control Unit

Granted Patent No : 445322

Title of the Product : Compact Electromagnetic Push Switch Assembly

Granted Patent No : 396349

Title of the Product : MODULAR SWITCH HOLDER

Granted Design Patent for MODULAR SWITCH HOLDER No. 344263-001

Email : pavanuniverse@gmail.com

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  • Automatic Water Level Control Unit

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