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AVAN TECH INNOVATION Pvt Limited is a start up with a vision and goal to conservation of water, one of the most necessary natural resources in the environment in present time. Since 2011, AVAN TECH have driven with ambition and passion to save water from overhead tanks in public and private buildings (wastage up to 72, 000 litres of water over flow per year for each tank).

Mr Pavan Kumar Gupta, came up with a unique electro-mechanical device called “Jal Raksha”. His vision is driven with a passion towards new technology that is proven useful and highly successful in saving both water and electricity.

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“Jal Raksha” AUTO OFF product in the market with overwhelming experiences and after feasible study in the market. We glad to announce a new product “Jal Raksha” Motor starter with Water tank Auto control system which is First time designed in India. We have our share of contribution in Energy Conversion and in saving the Electrical Energy and Potable Water, which are the valuable resources of our planet.ake daily life comfortable and save money also. Thereafter, invite enquiries to do business by taking licence from us. .

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The inventor started his research work on self powered e-bicycle in 2010. He got overwhelming response and appreciation from public, friends and colleagues. This inspired him to take up further research in Electro-mechanical process Automatic Water Level Control Unit for which he applied for a patent.

"We are very happy to do this Business! Since Environment Happy!"

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